Indian Harbor Classic Yacht Regatta, 2016

The IHYC Classic Yacht Regatta on Sept. 16-17 saw a small but enthusiastic group of Atlantics mixing it up with beautiful classic yachts of all shapes and sizes. After several late dropouts only three Atlantics turned up, all from Cedar Point Yacht Club, but all agreed the regatta was great fun, and certainly different from the racing we normally do. In sparkling conditions, we started in a mixed group with the Herreshoff S-Boat and Shields classes. Although Atlantics are known to be faster than both, it was pleasing to see how quickly all three of us steamed away from the Shields, a much newer design. Starling Burgess was a brilliant designer, ahead of his time.

First Atlantic was A16 Savvy, sailed by Guy Gurney, John Withington, and Samantha Parisi who did most of the steering. Second was A2 Bruté, Charlie Langalis, third Kerry Dawson in A146 Inspiration. Afterwards the three boats sailed the short distance over to Cold Spring Harbor for the Janeway regatta the following weekend. It's a very convenient arrangement, and we encourage more Atlantic skippers to try it next year.

Full results are here.